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Facts, Fables and Folklore

This page is dedicated to the Facts, Fables and Folklore which make our little Village so much fun!  Peninsula has a long history of colorful tales about the people, places and events that have happened here.  And the stories continue…

So maybe the best known story about Peninsula is that of the Peninsula Python.
Fact, Fable or Folklore…you decide…

Click here for The West Side Leader Story
Remembering the Peninsula Python by Larry Seeley 

So yes…we have a festival honoring the Ramp…Ramp Up Peninsula, because who doesn’t worship these little Stinkers!  Check out our events page,  Ramp up Peninsula and this article written for Ohio Magazine.


And speaking of Ramp Up, it is always important and fun to look back at the history of happenings, the origins of an event, a story, how it all came about.  Here is an interesting post from Facebook remembering the beginnings of our Ramp Festival; Ramp Up Peninsula!  Thanks to Lynda Logan for the memories of her husband Paul Logan and his friends, Don Carroll, Doug Mayer and Rick Hammond, the original Ramp Hunters!

and so it began…

The Ramp Fest: My memories kept taking me to the early days…. Paul knew of ramps his entire life. He walked every Sunday morning with Don Carroll (Red), Doug Mayer (yea Mayor Mayer) and Rick Hammond, it was a ritual no matter what the weather was… all year long. They couldn’t wait until springtime. They would come home with a lot of ramps! Sunday afternoons after their walk was always interesting……. the homemade wine would flow, ramps and bacon sauteed (in my best fry pan – ALWAYS) and then the ultimate was fresh ramps wrapped around sardines! YES you read that right – SARDINES. They would stink up the house..if it was nice enough they knew they had to BE OUTSIDE!!! They tried those ramps so many different ways….and loved them always!!! Who would have thought after all those years…. we would end up having a ramp fest!! Thanks to Diane and Don for your vision! I hope it continues on for many many years.

Recently Channel 5 news from Cleveland visited our tiny Hamlet as part of their Building Better Neighborhoods…this is some of what they found!
Click here to see video
Click here to see video two 

One of Peninsula’s colorful characters Robert Bordner created quite a stir back in 1945!

The residents of Peninsula should have known that all that glittered wasn’t gold — especially when they saw that glint in Robert Bordner’s eye.

The Cleveland Press reporter created waves of hysteria in 1945 when he wrote a series of exciting articles about the possibility of buried treasure in
the Summit County village.
Click here to read article

One of the many “jewels” in the community is the G.A.R. Hall.
It has served many purposes, but one of its current uses is
the home of the Voices in the Valley Concert Series

Click here for an article from Jay Minkin focusing on the series 

In 2012 Peninsula was featured in This Old House Magazine
as one of the best Old House Neighborhoods in 2012
Check out the article here! 

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